Oxford Health Trust – IY opportunity – Developer

Hi Neal,

Please can you put an ad out for students for the start of next year? I’m happy to have a rolling process until we find a suitable candidate.

Kind Regards,Liam Bennett


Following another successful industry year student we would be interested in recruiting another industry year student, this was the spec we put together for the last recruitment:

Basic knowledge of the following skills is highly desirable:

1. Programming using Structured Query Language (SQL)

2. JavaScript

3. XML and XSLT

4. Python

In addition to soft skills such as:

1. Fast learner

2. Team player

And most importantly enthusiastic with a can-do attitude.

Salary NHS Band 4 £23,949 / annum

Applications to
Liam Bennett
Please cc Ian.Palmer@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk

EHR Development & Testing

IM&T Department, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

The White Building, Littlemore MHC, 33 Sandford Road, Oxford OX4 4XN

Dev Ops IY opportunity at BT Bristol

I received this from an alumni of the department from quite a few years ago:

1x IY placement opportunity at BT in Bristol within my team. Here is the link:


The job title is “Full-Stack DevOps Engineer”. Quite a mouthful, but in reality it’s a full-stack development position with a hint of DevOps (at this level anyway). We encourage everyone to specialise in at least one area of “Ops” in addition to the main focus on “Dev” (we include testing in dev) – though for an IP this is only an option. This includes:

Application monitoring (Dynatrace)
Automation pipelines (we use Jenkins currently)
Containerization (we use Docker)
Service management (using ServiceNow)
Change management
User support
Infrastructure as Code

The placement would last 11 months and start September 2024. The student would need to be on track for a 2.1 or higher degree classification.

I have attached a document explaining the application process. I have also attached more info about the job.

External Full-Stack DevOps Engineer E

0314_BT_Group_How to apply

We have created

Should the individual perform well, we would be able to fast-track them straight to the final interview for the BT grad scheme. So no need to go through the whole application process again – online assessment, video assessment and the assessment centre are skipped.

IY opportunities with TUI

Here is a message I received from a current Aber placement student at TUI:

They aren’t offering the web placement next year that I’m currently on, but they have a UX placement some computer science students might be interested in. I will also send over the links to other placements that may be useful for other departments too.

There are offering roles social media, marketing, merchandising, product planning, product development, trading and UX design.

User Experience

🖥 Stockton-on-Tees: https://careers.tuigroup.com/uk/job/121980_en/


✈ Luton: https://careers.tuigroup.com/uk/job/121977_en/

⛷ Surbiton (Ski): https://careers.tuigroup.com/uk/job/121979_en/

🏖 Dublin: https://careers.tuigroup.com/uk/job/121973_en/

Marketing & Merchandising

📽 Luton: https://careers.tuigroup.com/uk/job/121978_en/

📱 Dublin: https://careers.tuigroup.com/uk/job/123170_en/

Personally I couldn’t recommend the company enough. It has been the best experience this past few months.

Industrial Year Placements – Amgen

At Amgen, we are committed to fostering talent and providing real-world experience to students through our placement program which we have run successfully for 16 years.  We offer a unique chance for students to apply their academic knowledge in a professional setting, learn from industry experts and develop essential skills that will prepare them for successful careers.


The placement will commence from 1st July 2024-30th June 2025.  We currently have openings for students in the following roles:


2 Statisticians in Biostatistics based in Cambridge/Uxbridge, UK

2 Observational Research Programmers based in Uxbridge, UK

1 Clinical Systems Analyst in Clinical Systems and Analytical Reporting based in Cambridge, UK

1 Clinical Trial Operations Analyst based in Cambridge, UK

1 Statistician in the Data Science Team based in Cambridge/Uxbridge, UK


These positions all come with a competitive salary of £22,000 for the year.


Applications are via Hays Recruitment (https://www.applybe.com/haysapply/search/vacancy/all/1/5628459) and the closing date is 22nd October 2023.  All interviews will be conducted in our Cambridge office on 15th to 17th November.

Software Engineering Intern – Sophos

The student currently on his IY at Sophos has mailed to say they have advertised the IY positions for next year (see below). It raises the interesting point about remote working. In general I believe it is better to have at least some face-to-face in-the-office time for an industrial year job. However the work landscape is changing fast and remote working is being adopted by some companies and industries. A lot depends on the level of support the company provides. For employers that provide great support and monitoring and for people who have the self discipline and won’t go crazy working ‘alone’ for extended periods it can work, however remote working does not suit everyone so before anyone accepts a 100% remote working IY position you need to talk to me (nns@ber.ac.uk) and discuss it.


I am currently on my placement year with Sophos, I wanted to let you know that placements for 2024 are available with the deadline being quite soon:


My experience so far has been brilliant and I recommend them highly for the support I’ve been given.

One thing to note, is that although it will most likely be a fully remote position, the support from my team has been great but it might not suit everyone.

STFC IY opportunities 2024-2025

The following email from Sam Jones, an Aber CS alumni who works (and also did his IY) with STFC:

We have the following roles for IY in my software group, I did the first one in this list when I was studying at Aberystwyth, as have other alum:

And other roles in the organization that relate to what the students may want:

I heavily recommend STFC to students as many other students will be working there during their year and there are HR coordinators dedicated to ensuring that it works out, there are at least 30+ not listed roles that are not computing specific across the organization’s various facilities.

A quick caveat, as with most years the STFC ends it’s IY recruitment quite early because to my understanding that is when science placements usually stop recruiting. My understanding is that this year it is October 29th, 2023 for all of them.